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BizBanc & BizPay

Online Banking & Bill Pay for Small Business


With our Business Online Banking, you can do virtually everything that you would do at a First Southern Bank office location. It's business banking anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - all you need is Internet access.

Account Security

  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) means our customers are required to use a second level of security in addition to the traditional user ID and password
  • MFA not only authenticates a customer's identity to the website, but also authenticates our website to the customer
  • Administer user security levels and functionality

Account Information and Electronic Transfers

  • Check balances on all your First Southern Bank business accounts, including commercial loans
  • View paid check images, front and back
  • View same-day transactions, including ACH
  • Initiate online balance transfers between your First Southern Bank accounts
  • Review your First Southern Bank commercial loan transactions and make real-time payments
  • Send domestic and international wire transfers
  • Place stop payments on checks issued
  • Access e-Statement
  • Monitor real-time pending transactions
  • WebConnect download available into Quicken, Quickbook and Excel (CSV)
  • Access to Positive Pay functions
  • Originate ACH debits and credits

BizPay - Online Bill Payment for business

Save time with First Southern Bank's BizPay, an online bill pay process that can help streamline your accounts payable. BizPay is fast, secure, convenient and easy.

  • Pay anyone capability
  • Schedule both one-time and recurring payments
  • Guaranteed transactions
  • e-bill receipt capability (Bill Presentment)
  • Attach invoices and credit information to payments
  • Consolidate multiple invoices from a single biller into one payment
  • Establish authority levels for additional employees responsible for issuing payments
  • Eliminate postage costs
  • Plus, reduce costs of ordering checks

Disclaimer: First Southern Bank Multi-Factor Authentication

Premier Multifactor Authentication (MFA) provides an Internet banking solution that effectively deals with growing fraud and compliance challenges. Multifactor Authentication requires a second level of customer authentication, in addition to the standard user ID and password, and is one of the most effective ways to deter fraudulent online activity.

  • The Bank will use the VASCO one-time password (OTP) token. These "connectionless" devices provide an "air gap" between the token and the network, eliminating the need for connection to a hosting device that might be infected. These tokens are portable, and can't be duplicated, remotely hacked or spoofed.
  • The OTP token generates random numbers (the one-time password) at login, which customers use in conjunction with their personal identification numbers. (PIN). For each login attempt, the one-time password changes.